Lobster Tail Dinner For Two

Item #: LDD22
Serves 2
Features four items
Ready in under 60 minutes
Exclusively available here

Lobster Tail Dinner For Two


This luxurious gourmet dinner delivered for two is a celebration any time of the year.

The Lobster Tail Dinner for Two includes:
4 - Cold Water Lobster Tails (4 oz. each): uncooked and still in the shell, the cold waters produce tender, succulent lobster tail meat with a rich, luxurious texture
1 - Broccoli-Parmesan Gratin (24 oz.): a pan of broccoli with sharp Parmesan cheese in a luscious béchamel sauce
4 - Individual Potato Gratins (4 oz. each): creamy, cheesy, rich potatoes au gratin individually portioned
2 - Molten Chocolate Cakes (3.5 oz. each): individual bittersweet chocolate cakes with molten chocolate filling