Smoked Salmon Ring

Item #: SSR77
Serves 8-10
12 oz.
Thaw & Serve

Smoked Salmon Ring


This rich and stunning presentation of gourmet smoked salmon is the perfect centerpiece for your next party. Made with fresh Norwegian smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives, and onions, this Smoked Salmon Ring appetizer is sure to impress.

Smoked salmon is rich and flavorful, with a buttery texture. The cream cheese filling is creamy and smooth with a touch of freshness from the chives, onions, and lemon juice brightening the flavor. The whole ring is beautifully presented, and it's sure to be the talk of any gathering.

Our Smoked Salmon Ring is easy to serve and can be enjoyed on its own or with garnishes (not included). Simply slice into wedges and serve with crackers, bread, or vegetables. Elegant and sophisticated, this Smoked Salmon Ring is the perfect party appetizer and is equally at home on a brunch buffet. Each Smoked Salmon Ring is 12 oz. and serves 8-10.

Garnish Serving Suggestion: Mix together crushed red and black peppercorns, chopped capers, chives, and dill.  Sprinkle on top loosely (as shown).

This rich and stunning presentation of gourmet smoked salmon will be the highlight of your buffet or brunch table. This ring features rich Norwegian smoked salmon wrapped around a luscious chive and onion cream cheese filling, with a touch of lemon. Elegant and sophisticated, it’s a true show-stopper. Enjoy on its own or with garnish (not included). 12 oz., serves 8-10.