Bacon Lovers Easter Brunch

Item #: BLE44
Serves 4-6
Features four items
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Worried that your Easter brunch will be boring? Just add bacon! This curated selection of brunch items will please even the most ardent bacon lover. Start with Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites and our best-selling Vanilla-Bourbon Bacon “Lollipops”—these crowd-favorites are full of flavor and utterly addictive. The star of the table will be our Lorraine Casserole, a modern take on the classic quiche. And it includes dessert—our lovely and delicious Easter Petit Fours, an exquisite treat for kids of all ages. Serves 4-6.

8 - Vanilla-Bourbon Bacon Lollipops (6 oz.): thick slabs of smoked bacon come with a vanilla-bourbon glaze for a sweet, smoky treat
32 - Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites: cavatappi pasta, adorned with rich Cheddar cheese and smokey bacon, coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs
1 - Single Quiche Lorraine (23 oz.): a blend of bacon and rich Swiss cheese, baked into an egg white custard
12 - Easter Petit Fours: bite-sized confections featuring layers of moist chocolate and vanilla cake with a variety of rich buttercreams and fruit purees, coated in pastel-colored chocolate. Includes Truffle, Strawberry Cream, Lemon, and Raspberry