Pork Shank Dinner

Item #: PSD44
Serves 4
Features four items

Pork Shank Dinner


This dinner is a hearty, epicurean delight. It opens with classic Spanakopita, handmade and loaded with spinach and Feta cheese. The star of the meal is a rich Braised Pork Shank, slow cooked in a mushroom sauce and finished with veal stock and white wine. The pork falls off the bone, and the sauce is a savory delight. It's paired with a Vegetable Potato Medley, featuring asparagus, green beans, and mushrooms. Dessert is a classic Chocolate Crème Swirl Cake. You'll savor every bite. Serves 4.


2 - Braised Pork Shanks (25 oz. each): rich, meaty pork shanks slowly braised in a savory mushroom sauce finished with wine and spices for a profound complex flavor
1 - Vegetable Potato Medley (1 lb.):
par-fried potato rounds mixed with tender asparagus, button mushrooms, and green beans, then flavored with oil, parsley, and garlic
18 - Spanakopita: loaded with spinach, feta cheese, a hint of aromatic spices and wrapped up in flaky Phyllo dough
1 - Chocolate Crème Swirl Cake: tender chocolate cake filled with a sweet cream icing