Stuffed Chicken Breast Complete Dinner

Item #: CRB24
Serves up to 4
Features four items

Stuffed Chicken Breast Complete Dinner


This complete dinner is ideal for unexpected guests, families with a new baby, or friends in need of a break from cooking.

15 - Brie & Raspberry en Croûte: bites of creamy brie and sweet raspberries baked in puff pastry
4 - Stuffed Chicken Breast (8 oz. each): made by hand, each piece is stuffed with rich, creamy Fontina cheese and sweet baby spinach, then rolled in French breadcrumbs
1 - Macaroni & Cheese Casserole (20 oz.): a rich harmony of a béchamel-based sauce featuring a sharp blend of fine artisan aged cheeses and perfectly "al dente" penne pasta
4 - Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes (3.5 oz. each): individual bittersweet chocolate cakes with molten chocolate filling