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Porterhouse Steaks - Four 18oz.

The regal porterhouse gives you two of the best cuts of beef in one- one side is from the loin, and one side is tenderloin. It's the perfect steak for those who can't decide. Very rich and flavorful, it's steak that will impress even the most ardent steak lover. Each steak is 18 oz and is sure to please. 4 x 18 oz.

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Cook from a thawed state. Grill or Pan Saute to your desired doneness as registered on a meat thermometer.

Rare: Cook to 120°F-125°F
Medium Rare: Cook to 130°F-135°F
Medium: Cook to 140°F-145°F
Well Done: Cook to 160°F

100 % Midwestern Beef

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