Italian Desserts in a Jar

Dessert in a Jar - Tiramisu Item #: JTR66
Dessert in a Jar - Lemon Ricotta Item #: JLR66
Desserts in a Jar - One Order of Each Flavor Item #: JCB66
Each jar serves one
Each order contains six 3 oz. jars
Thaw & Serve

Italian Desserts in a Jar

An inventive and stylish way to serve classic Italian desserts, these desserts in a jar are the perfect size for an individual dessert or for an indulgent treat any time of day. They feature classic Italian flavors but presented in a reusable glass jar.

The Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake Italian dessert jar features a deliciously rich, but light and refreshing version of the classic cheesecake. The Ricotta cheese is less dense than the cream cheese used in a typical New York cheesecake, which adds to the light flavor and texture of the Italian version. The refreshing lemon flavor adds zing to the experience, making this an Italian dessert with an unusual combination of lightness and richness.

The Traditional Italian Tiramisu dessert jar is made with fresh-brewed coffee, traditional ladyfingers, and a creamy Mascarpone filling. It’s all topped with chocolate shavings for a restaurant-style presentation, with flavors and textures that are rich and robust. This is an Italian dessert that rivals the tiramisu you may find in a high-end trattoria.

Our Italian desserts in a jar make the perfect ending to an Italian dinner night, which might feature our Chicken Florentine or Creamy Bow Tie Pasta. Our complete Italian-American Dinner comes with this dessert, but would anybody really complain about more dessert?

Choose from six jars of Lemon Ricotta, six jars of Tiramisu, or six of each flavor (12 total). Each Italian dessert in a jar is a 3.5 oz. serving.

An inventive spin on an Italian classic, these dessert jars are the perfect size for dessert, or an indulgent treat any time of day. The Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake dessert jar is rich and sweet yet light and refreshing, while the traditional Tiramisu dessert jar is made with fresh-brewed coffee and features a creamy Mascarpone filling for a rich, robust flavor. Trendy and utterly delicious, you’ll scream magnifico with the first bite. Choose from six Lemon Ricotta or six Tiramisu, or get one order of each flavor, twelve total.