Reduced Fat Crab Cakes

Item #: A-88
Serves 8
Eight 3.8 oz. crab cakes
Ready to bake
Ready in under 60 minutes
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Reduced Fat Crab Cakes


Enjoy the taste you love without any hesitation. These Reduced-Fat Crab Cakes are made with a light and healthy twist on our classic Perfect Crab Cakes recipe. Packed with flavor, we use the same jumbo lump crab meat as our Perfect Crab Cakes, but with slight modifications to the recipe for reduced saturated fat, reduced sodium, and reduced cholesterol.

Have the frozen crab cakes delivered for any occasion—our Reduced Fat Crab Cakes are the perfect guilt-free entrée for a satisfying gourmet lunch or dinner. Complete your special meal by pairing these crab cakes with our delicious sides, then end on sweet note with a delectable dessert. Eight 3.8 oz crab cakes; each crab cake serves one.

These crab cakes are made using the same recipe as our Perfect Crab Cakes with slight modifications to make them heart healthy for those of us who watch our cholesterol and saturated fat. Made by hand, they contain our superb jumbo lump crab meat. Eight 3.8 oz crab cakes, each crab cake serves one.