French Mini Patisserie Cake Collection

Item #: PPC24
10 of each flavor, 30 total
You will swear that these traditional bite-sized pastries came straight from a Parisian bakery. The "Opera Cakes" feature almond cake, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream, while chocolate mousse, hazelnuts, and chocolate cake make the "Royales" a standout. And "Amarenas", with pistachio Bavarian cream are absolutely divine.

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Thaw about 1 hour prior to serving. Be very careful to thaw in cool place, away from heat. Direct heat will cause product to melt.
Opera Cakes: Almond, Sugar, Butter, Wheat Flour, Chocolate Cream, Coffee Extract, Vegetable Oil, Eggs, Water, Salt, Heavy Cream.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Almond), Milk, Wheat, Eggs.

Royale Cakes: Sugar, Butter, Wheat Flour, Chocolate, Vegetable Oil, Egg White, Water, Hazelnuts, Chocolate, Salt, Cream.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Hazelnut), Milk, Wheat, Eggs.

Amarenas: Pistachio, Almond, Egg White, Sugar, Water, White Chocolate, Butter, Cream, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Wheat.

Contains: Tree Nuts (Pistachio), Eggs, Milk, Wheat.