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Mini Bagels

These mini bagels straight from France are as striking as they are original. With the delicious fillings of chive, Parmesan tomato, and smoked salmon cream cheese, there is a flavor here for everyone. Equally suitable as an appetizer or on a brunch table, pair with 4 oz. of our Mackenzie smoked salmon for added elegance. Simply thaw and serve, 24 mini bagels.

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Thaw and serve

Fresh Cheese (Common Ingredients): (Cheese, Salt). Preparation For Brioche Dough (Common Ingredients: (Wheat Flour, Butter Powder 20% (Butter 90% Protein Of Milk, Whey Permeate, Emulsifier: E471), Sugar, Egg Yolk Powder, Wheat Gluten, Emulsifier: E472e, Colorant: E160aii. Preparation For Bechamel Sauce (Common Ingredients): Whey, Modified Starch (Wheat), Vegetable Fat(Palm), Wheat Starch, Dextrose, Salt, Glucose Syrup, Stabilizers: E450 - E516, Thickener: E401, Milk Proteins. 18% MG Liquid Cream (Common Ingredients): Light Cream, Modified Corn Starch, Emulsifier: E471, Stabilizers: E440 - E460 - E410. Mini Bagels With Fresh Cheese, Shallots And Chives: Water, Fresh Cheese 25%, Preparation For Brioche Dough 20%, Flour Wheat, Barley Flakes, Béchamel Sauce Preparation, Crushed Malted Wheat, Shallot 2%, Egg, Chive 1.9%, 1/2 Milk Skim, Sugar, Yeast, Butter, Liquid Cream 18% MF, Egg Yolk. Mini Bagels With Fresh Cheese And Smoked Salmon: Fresh Cheese 22%, Water, Preparation For Brioche Pastry 19%, Smoked Salmon 13% [Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar, Bred In Norway Or Scotland), Salt], Wheat Flour, Poppy Seeds, Preparation For Bechamel Sauce, Egg, 1/2 Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Yeast, Chives, Butter, Liquid Cream 18% Fat, Egg Yolk, Aroma Lemon. Mini Bagels With Fresh Cheese, Tomato And Parmesan: Preparation For Brioche Pastry 21%, Water, 15% Fresh Cheese, Flour Wheat, Cheese Specialty 8% (Water, Emmental 25%, Butter, Milk Powder, Cheese, Salt, Thickeners: E1422, E415, Flavoring, Preservative: E202), Tomato-Based Preparation 6% [Tomato 70% (Semi-Dried Tomatoes, Tomato Paste), Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Salt, Oregano, Sugar, Garlic)], Tomato Flavored 3% (Semi-Dehydrated Tomato 93% Rapeseed, Salt, Oregano, Garlic), Egg, Parmesan 2%, Semi Skimmed Milk, Sauce Preparation Bechamel, Sugar, Yeast, Butter, 18% MF Liquid Cream, Egg Yolk. Possible Presence Of Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Celery, Mustard, Crustaceans, Soya, Lupine And Mollusks

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