Holiday Petit Fours

Holiday Petit Fours - One Dozen Item #: DRC18
Holiday Petit Fours - Two Dozen Item #: DRC24
Each order serves 4-6
Each order contains 12 petit fours
Thaw & Serve

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This Christmas, have our Holiday Petit Fours delivered for an exquisite gourmet dessert. Our Holiday Petit Fours are little bite-sized treasures that will melt in your mouth. Our gourmet Holiday Petit Fours feature layers of moist cake with a velvety filling, enveloped in white or milk chocolate. Each Holiday Petit Four is its own little gift, lovingly hand-decorated with festive holiday motifs, such as candles, wreaths, candy canes, and Christmas trees.

Our beautiful Christmas petit fours make an ideal present for friends and family or a delicious addition to any dessert table at a holiday gathering. Order Holiday Petit Fours online, and choose from one dozen or two dozen petite layer cakes—either way, you'll be pleased! Each order of our Holiday Petit Fours serves four to six people.

Enjoy these gourmet petit fours, one of our best-selling desserts around the holiday season. See all of our gourmet cakes available as well. Peruse our entire online food catalog to see all of our decadent offerings, and have a gourmet Christmas meal delivered.

Bite-sized treasures featuring layers of cake with velvety filling, these classic individual petit fours are the essence of the holidays. Each is its own little gift, lovingly decorated in festive holiday motifs. Classic gourmet, these make an ideal gift or a beautiful and delicious addition to any dessert table. Choose from one dozen or two dozen Holiday Petit Fours, either way you'll be pleased! Revised recipe, flavors and designs may vary.