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Sausage Spirals

Item #: SWH88
Serves 6
Six 5.3 oz. spirals

Sausage Spirals



These individual pork sausage spirals are moist and packed with flavor, and just the right size to go straight from the grill to your favorite roll. Infused with peppers and onions, they're flavorful enough to serve as is, but equally great baked in the oven with your favorite marinara. So versatile, and so delicious!

For best results, thaw under refrigeration. Use within 3-5 days. Always cook this product to 165°F internal temperature.

Skillet: Place sausage in a skillet with a ¼” of water. Cook slowly over medium heat until water evaporates (approx. 6 minutes). Turn sausage frequently and continue to cook an additional 6-8 minutes until brown.

Grill: Turn continuously to prevent burning. Cook until outside of sausage has grill marks and the inside is fully cooked (when the natural juices of the sausage run clear), approximately 8-12 minutes.


Always cook this product to 165°F internal temperature. For best results, use a cooking or meat thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperature.


Warning: Remove skewer prior to eating.


Pork, Peppers, Onions, Water, Salt, Spices.


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